Seira Mimori
Seira Mimori
Seira in her St. Paulia Uniform

Japanese Name:


English Name:

Seira Mimori

Alter Ego/Alias:

Kaitou Saint Tail



First Appearance:

Episode 1, Chapter 1

Japanese VA:

Kikuko Inoue

English VA:

Anjuli Cain

Filipino VA:


July 3


14 years old

Too many parameters

Seira Mimori (深森聖良) is the main character of the series. My best friend in Meimi's classmate. Personality that was decided. In the future I am an aspiring sister, after school I am serving as an apprentice sister accepting confession and consultation at the school worship hall. Talk to everyone with honorific words and call Meimi with "chan" attachment. To the contrary to meehai Meimi, it is a calm and firm person who does not move things much. It is deliberate and sharp, and it makes me cheerfully speechless. I usually play Tsukkomi, but there is also one aspect of natural blur. Good skill is to put Meimi on to get out. The only person I know that Meimi is Saint Tail, a shadow leader. "Stray lambs" that Saint Tail is trying to save are those who consulted and confessed to Seira. Boasting a tremendous information gathering capacity, she has an information network that makes her think that she does not know things in Seika city. If necessary, take action with Meimi and also support Saint Tail (act as a shadow of Saint Tail etc). He is a good best friend who firmly supports Meimi both public and private. Final Episode Final Chapter finally becomes an official sister after eight years. The main part Final Episode was closed with her words.