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Meimi Featured
Meimi Haneoka (羽丘芽美) is the main protagonist of Kaitou Saint Tail. By day, Meimi is a typical cheerful orange-haired fourteen year old student at St. Paulia Institute. By night she transforms into the mysterious (yet magical) thief, Saint Tail. In this guise, she takes back what bad people have stolen. She is given information by her classmate, and nun-in-training, Seira, of misdeeds. Saint Tail is pursued by Meimi's classmate, Asuka Jr. An amateur detective, he's appointed by the mayor to catch the thief.
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Current Events
Chapter 5: "Saint Tail's First Date"
Before class starts Meimi and her friends talk about a new amusement park, Wonder Garden. They talk about the Wonder Garden Castle that has expensive clock work doll. It's said if you watch the clock as a couple, you'll be happy together. The girls tease Meimi that she might want to go on a date with Asuka Jr. to the park and her and Asuka Jr. get in a fight.
After school in the church Seira speaks to a troubled mother and her daughter, who had gone to the park. The little girl, Eri had borrowed a cherished doll from her cousin and had lost it at the park. Eri had tied to the dolls hand to her balloon and it had floated away and was stuck atop the Wonder Garden Castle. Seira relates this to Meimi later in the confessional. more
Episode 17: "The Heart Thief on Valentine's Day?!"
Meimi, Seira, Kyoko, and Ryoko were walking to school. It was almost Valentine's Day, so they were talking about giving chocolate to boys (about obligatory and real). Then Kyoko asked if Meimi was going to give a real chocolate to Asuka Jr.
Just at that time, Asuka Jr. came by and said that he would rather get some nikuman or takoyaki instead of chocolate. Meimi got upset and they started arguing again. more

Did you know...?
  • That in Episode 2 the Tiara was supposedly behind the hour or minute hand on the clock tower face, however, the clock tower has FOUR faces. How did Saint Tail know which one to reach after?
  • That the title of Episode 7 in English version is Dagger of Anubis while in the Japanese version it is Dagger of Yatto.
  • That in Episode 19, the movie that Meimi's parents are watching is titled Comet Collides! The Last Night on Earth dated 1953 and made in the USA.
  • That in Episode 1, Meimi, Seira, Asuka Jr., and friends are all in class 2-A which is the equivalent of 8th grade. Meimi is 14 years old at the start of the anime series.
  • That in Chapter 8, Seira informs Saint Tail on the change of venue whereas in the anime Episode 8, Saint Tail listens in and learns of the change.
  • That the Mayor's name is Hideo Morinaka. He also confirms that he is the uncle of Rina Takamiya.


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