Daiki Asuka Jr
Asuka Jr reading a note

Japanese Name:

飛鳥 大貴

English Name:

Daiki Asuka Jr


Asuka Jr


Student/Junior Detective

First Appearance

Episode 1, Chapter 1

Japanese VA:

Kōsuke Okano

English VA:

Joshua Seth


August 12

Daiki Asuka Jr. is one of the main characters of the series. He attends St. Paulia's Private School and is known as being top of the class with physical education being his weakest point.

After getting close enough to photograph Saint Tail, Asuka Jr. is awarded a badge from the mayor which allows him to be a part of the Saint Tail investigation. At his request, Saint Tail gives him warning notes of her capers before she commits them in order to give him a fighting chance. However, she is always able to outsmart him and escape, causing her to be the main person that he thinks about.

He has absolutely no idea that his classmate, Meimi Haneoka, is Saint Tail until Episode 42 of the anime.

Relationships Edit

Meimi Haneoka/Saint Tail Edit

Meimi is Asuka Jr.'s classmate. They fight constantly. Asuka Jr. doesn't know that Meimi is Saint Tail until episode 42.

Rina Takamiya Edit

Sayaka Shinomiya Edit

A one sided crush that Asuka Jr. doesn't appear to notice or reciprocate. She's shown to interact with Asuka Jr in Episode 4, when he goes over to her house in order to protect her wedding veil from Saint Tail. Their first interaction is when he tries to escape from a group of college girls, almost running into Sayaka. This causes her to drop her ice cream on him and he accepts her apologies as well as her cleaning the ice cream off of his suit.

While he is at her house, Sayaka actively tries to prevent Asuka Jr from being able to stop Saint Tail from stealing the veil, because doing so will cancel her arranged marriage to someone she's never met. After Saint Tail successfully returns the veil, Sayaka is happy enough to run up to Asuka Jr. and hug him for letting the veil go. After this episode she doesn't physically appear in the anime again.